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Kentucky’s cabin for wildlife viewing

In the region of Chandler Ridge, it’s not uncommon to see white tailed deer, wild turkey, gray and red foxes, and groundhogs. With the beautiful acreage that surrounds Chandler Ridge, the possibility of seeing songbirds such as the Western Bluebird Indigo Bunting and the Red-Bird are very prevalent. The Red Shouldered Hawk, Barred Owl, and Osprey are also common in the region.

The rustic and charming setting of Chandler Ridge allows you the best of both worlds, wildlife viewing, and spacious rooms that include all the necessities for an unforgettable stay.

Invite a group of friends to join you on your wildlife viewing adventure. At Chandler Ridge we can accommodate up to 25 over night guests or relax alone in our master suite. The gas log fireplace, half moon patio, or open fire pit provide you the opportunity to close your day of adventure with a relaxing evening…

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